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A little about us…

So who am I and what am I doing and why should you care?

Well, my name is Ben Schooley and I’m the REALTOR behind the Schooley Group. 

For 15 years or thereabouts, I have published many local publications you might know.

EXPLORE, Boerne Business Monthly, Cordillera Ranch Living, Dominion Magazine, Kendall County Woman, the Kerrville Business Monthly, Comanche LIFESTYLE…and others. Some I sold, some I shut down for one reason or another, but publishing magazines and digital design has been a big part of my life for a long time.

In doing that job, the one thing that allowed me to excel was simply RELATIONSHIPS. I was never the greatest salesperson, I was never the greatest writer, but the one thing that I was better at than most was simply cultivating a relationship with clients and potential clients. I truly wanted to know about their businesses, where they were from, and what made them tick. If they became a client, GREAT! If they didn’t, I tried to approach each meeting with the thought that if they didn’t become a client, I really wanted to walk away with at least a new friend. 

That has served me well because those people that became friends typically became clients at one point or another. That made the job rewarding, and engaging, and motivated me to get going each day.

A few years ago I began playing with the idea of moving into real estate. Sure, we all think of real estate as basically a sales job, but the more I learned about it, the more that I realized that it’s very similar to what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years: meeting people, learning about them, wanting to see them fulfilled, and then doing whatever I could to help with that journey. 

So it took me almost 2 years from the planning phase until today, but I’m a licensed REALTOR and am excited to begin this chapter. I’ve lived in Kendall County since the mid-80’s (knowledge), I’ve got long-standing relationships with professionals in this industry, from other REALTORS to title companies to insurance (relationships) and I am very driven by YOUR satisfaction and have built a career around exactly that (motivated). 

I am sure that you know 100 realtors. I do, too. But if you’d like to see how I can leverage the publications (free marketing) and put more eyes on your property than any other REALTOR, let’s get a cup of coffee.  Again, you don’t have to let me sell your house, but you might walk away with a new friend. And I’m good with that.